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Earn Free Rides and Airline Miles

GO Airport Express Double Rewards Program

Free Rides

For every dollar you spend you will earn a point. Redeem 600 points for one free shuttle ride, or 1200 points for roundtrip. You can also redeem points for an airport meet-and-greet (700 points), a 3-hour private van (3,000 points), a private sedan airport transfer (1,800 points) or a private SUV airport transfer (2,400 points).

American Airlines AAdvantage Miles® and United MileagePlus® Miles

Once registered you can also earn one American Airlines AAdvantage® or United MileagePlus® mile for every dollar you spend by updating your profile, entering your frequent flyer number and pressing the “Participate” button.

Commonly Asked Questions

What does the Double Rewards Program Offer?

The Double Rewards program allows you to earn both airline miles and free rides.

  • Free Rides
    Earn one point for every $1 spent. 600 points = one free ride; 700 points = one meet & greet; 3,000 points = 3-hour van charter; 1,680 points = one sedan airport transfer; 2,140 points = one SUV airport transfer.
  • AAdvantage® Miles or United MileagePlus® Miles
    Once registered, you can earn American Airlines AAdvantage® miles or United MileagePlus® miles by updating your profile with your frequent flyer number.
How do you sign up?
Sign up here and fill out the required information. This step will assure that you will start accumulating points toward a free ride with your next reservation. To earn American Airlines AAdvantage® miles or United MileagePlus® miles, simply select the program you wish to enter, type in your frequent flyer number and press “Participate.”
How often will my account be updated?
Customers will be able to see their miles through their web profile.
Where will I be able to view my balance?
American Airlines AAdvantage® miles and United Airlines MileagePlus® miles will be posted on a bi–weekly basis. Airline miles can only be uploaded to an account if a member has accumulated a minimum amount of 100 miles.
How do I find out how many free-ride points I currently have available?
Log into your frequent rider account at the bottom of the booking box. At the top of the next page, click on “Edit/View Account.” This will take you to your “Profile” page. Click on the “My Points” tab to see how many points and/or miles you’ve accumulated.
How do I collect a free ride?
Call GO Airport Express (1-888.2THEVAN) and ask to make a reservation. Be sure to let the reservationist know you want to pay for it with your Double Rewards points at the beginning of the call.

f you are accumulating points for a free ride or if you are taking advantage of an offer from GO Airport Express go to the website: www.airportexpress.com and click on the Frequent Riders Log-In (Located on the booking box.) Log in using your email address and password and start making a reservation. If you are also using a discount special, please enter the code in the booking box.

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